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Introducing: Danae Powers Oboe Studio

Hi everyone! Long time no see! Since creating this website in 2020, a lot of things in my life (and the world) have changed, including my vision as an oboist, freelancer, and teacher. I have discovered a new love for teaching in the last year, and am so eager to use my skills to help you meet your goals as an oboist! I just received my Masters of Music in Oboe Performance from George Mason University in December, and have made a lot of changes and updates to my website, to be geared more towards teaching as well as performing. I am happy to introduce my oboe studio, Danae Powers Oboe Studio. I currently have a handful of students, and am working to expand my studio. I teach in person lessons in my home, travel for some students, and have experience teaching lessons through Zoom. If you are in the Northern Virginia area, (or really anywhere- thanks to online lesson platforms!) I would be happy to give you oboe lessons! I am accepting students of all ages and experience levels.

Please feel free to contact me here if you have any questions about lessons, or the oboe in general! I'm always here to chat about anything music related! Any lover of music is a friend of mine!

Thanks for tuning in! More updates to come!


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